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I’m Tyler Christensen, creator of Web Design for Everyone!  Welcome to my site. If you are looking to build (or have someone else build) your own website, then you are definitely in the right place.  If you are a newbie and have little or no technical background, that’s o.k. You can do it.  If you’re super amazing at all things tech and have already designed a kazillion sites, that’s o.k. too.  You’ve still got room to learn (or you can share your infinite wisdom with us).

I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed in the early stages of design.  I’m also familiar with creating a website on a budget (I’m a teacher = poor).  My goal with this website and blog is to teach you everything you need to know about website design so that you can own and operate your own website, even if you are short (or empty) on cash.  I do that by walking you through ALL aspects of website design: hosting, management, content creation, optimization, and even marketing.

If you’re ready to have your own website TODAY, then read the following posts right away.

  1. Getting Started: How to create a FREE website today in one hour or less
  2. Understanding your market: What content on your website will help you stand out?
  3. SEO 101: What search engine optimization is and why it matters for your website

I believe that EVERYONE should have their own website, but that is especially true for those who are in industries that sell something (a product, information, or service) and for individuals that are looking to grow their brand (entertainers, service providers).  For these niche markets I am developing specific tracks on this site that delve into the specifics of designing within that particular industry. You’ll see the various tracks outlined at the very top of the page.

Who am I? I have a whole page for that (click here) but here are the highlights.  First, I’m a husband and father.  Family comes first for me and my kiddos are why I keep stretching and chasing my dreams.  After that I’m a teacher.  I have over a decade of classroom teaching experience, mostly as a university professor.  I love to teach and I love learning from my students.  In addition to being a classroom teacher I also love teaching online… that why this site and several others exist.  I am an expert in and write about web design (especially for teachers and actors), college football recruiting, and best teaching practices. I also like learning about financial literacy.


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