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Having a personal and/or classroom website is a rapidly growing trend among K-12 and High Education teachers.

Why do you need your own website(s)?

  • To improve communication with students, parents, and colleagues
  • To provide valuable resources to your students, or even to a much larger (e.g. global) audience
  • To show what unique talents and skills that you bring to the teaching profession
  • To organize and showcase your teaching portfolio to be used for promotion and tenure

Of course, these are just a few of the reasons a teacher might want their own personal or classroom website.  My students have also really enjoyed creating side or “hobby” sites which enable them to explore any number of topics and share their creativity with a larger audience.

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Web Design for Teachers Overview

If you are a teacher you probably know the benefits of having an online presence.  Most teachers do most of their online communication with their students and their parents through their schools website (usually a single class page), or through an online content management system (like Schoology, Edmodo, or Blackboard).  The problem with these solutions is that they are extremely limiting in who can see the information, how long students can access the information, and what can be posted.  Another challenge many teachers face is effectively sharing resources that they have created for their students. Too many teachers create amazing resources (lesson plans, worksheets or other handouts, videos, etc.) but after they’ve used them they get filed away and collect dust.  Those resources don’t have nearly they impact they might if they were more effectively and widely shared.  One final challenge teachers often face is representing who and what they are as a teacher.  They might write a philosophy statement for the teaching dossier, but no one ever reads it.  They might have various causes they support, but their students don’t know.  They simply aren’t sharing who they are as teachers.

Having a personal website solves each of these problems.  With a personal website teachers can share news with parents, resources with students, and their teaching portfolios with colleagues and administrators.  Many teachers don’t have a personal website and don’t realize how easy they are to create.  I’ve taught hundreds of pre-service teacher candidates to create websites in one hour or less.  And the best part–all of these websites are FREE.

I’m currently writing a book entitled “Web Design for Teachers” that will walk you step-by-step through the web design process, explain what content you should probably include on your site, and how to create content that stands out.  I’ll include tips and tricks on how to create the best possible site and feature several sites that my students have created.  If you are interested in creating your own teaching website please sign up for my FREE newsletter which will provide you the most important information you will need for creating your own site.  Newsletter subscribers will also be notified when the book is completed so they can be the first ones to access it.

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