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UWRF and Dixie State friends, welcome to my new website “Web Design for Everyone”.  There isn’t much up yet, even the “Start Here” sequence is only half finished… the official launch of the website won’t be until June.  However, I wanted to invite you into the site early to check it out and get on my mailing list if you’re interested in receiving an advance copy of the book “Web Design for Teachers.”  If you want a free copy of the book please sign up below.

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Note: This mailing list is specifically for UWRF & DSU students who want a free advance copy of the e-book, and is only available for a limited time.  If you want notifications regarding general updates and new content on the site, please sign up for that mailing list by going to the home page.

A Little Bit About the Book

One of the greatest developments over the last five years has been the emergence of website builders (e.g. Wix, Weebly) as viable solutions for website design.  As my students you’ve seen firsthand how easy it is to create your own site in a very short period of time, and you were my inspiration for writing this book.

Why do teachers need their own websites?

  • To improve communication and provide valuable resources to students, parents, colleagues, and even a global audience
  • To show their unique talents and skills that they bring to the profession
  • To organize and showcase their teaching portfolio

If you are a teacher you probably know the benefits of having an online presence.  Most teacher do most of their online communication with their students and their parents through their schools website (usually a single class page), or through an online content management system like Schoology, Edmodo, or Blackboard.  The problem with these solutions is that they are extremely limiting in 1) who can see the information, 2) how long they can see the information, and 3) what can be posted.

Having a personal website solves each of these problems.  With a personal website teachers can share news with parents, resources with students, and their teaching portfolios with colleagues and administrators.  Many teachers don’t have a personal website and don’t realize how easy they are to create.  I’ve taught hundreds of pre-service teacher candidates to create websites in one hour or less.  And the best part–all of these websites are FREE.

In this book, “Web Design for Teachers”, I will walk you step-by-step through the web design process, explain what content you should probably include on your site, and show you how to create content that stands out.  I’ll include tips and tricks on how to create the best possible site and feature several sites that my students have created.

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